My name is Natalia Drwal. I am English/Polish speaking doula living in Torun, Poland. I am also hypnotherapist , kundalini yoga teacher and a hypnobirthing teacher (trained in UK – KG Hypnobirthing). 

My mission is to make childbirth a better, more natural and gentle experience for every mum.

Thanks to hypnobirthing childbirth can be more empowering and conscious experience not only for mum, but also for a father and as a result being more gentle and beautiful for a child as well.  I have always been interested in natural therapies and after becoming a mum in 2011, I would always apply natural parenting approach to my daughters.  Childbirth, when experienced consciously can be an empowering and life-changing event, and my role is to show you and teach you your own qualities to access this unlimited power within yourself. 

Hypnotherapy has been my interest for many years. I perceive this natural state of mind as a basis for all other therapies.  Reaching our subconsciousness gives us access to unlimited resources of our subconsciousness, which actually rules our life choices more than we think.  Being a mum interestedin natural parenting, it was natural for me to connect theses interest and teach hypnobirthing to others. 

Hypnobirthing (you can book sessions here) is a complete pprogramme preparing you as a couple to have more conscious birth for you and your baby. You wil learn simple but effective autohypnosis, breath and visualisation techniques.  Hypnobirthing to także o wiele więcej niż tylko autohipnoza i hipnoterapia podczas porodu.

“Along with confidence in the birthing process, HypnoBirthing may:

  • Shorten labor. Specifically, hypnosis during birth may help shorten the first stageTrusted Source of labor. This stage involves both early and active labor, when contractions become longer, stronger, and closer together as the cervix opens.
  • Lessen the need for interventions. A 2011 review of studies showed that HypnoBirthing may help encourage a vaginal birth and women using hypnosis didn’t require as much augmentation with oxytocin. A 2015 study found that just 17 percentTrusted Source of HypnoBirthing moms had cesarean deliveries compared to the general 32 percent rate in the United States.
  • Naturally manage pain. If you’re looking for a med-free labor, hypnosis may help. In one 2013study, 46 out of 81 participants (51 percent) didn’t use any pain medication and reported their max pain level as just 5.8 on a 10 scale.
  • Give a feeling of control. Women in the 2013 study also reported feeling more relaxed and in control. As a result, they had less fear about labor and birth.
  • Result in healthy babies. Apgar scores, the system to evaluate babies in the minutes after birth, may be higher among babies born using HypnoBirthing techniques.
  • Help women who’ve experienced trauma. HypnoBirthing may particularly help birthing people who have experienced trauma surrounding birth or who have a general fear of labor and delivery. About 40 percentTrusted Source of the course focuses specifically on these issues.”

( https://www.healthline.com/health/pregnancy/hypnobirthing#benefits ) 

I am certified hypnotherapist (hypnotherapy practitioner – London College of Clinical Hypnosis). My field of work is prenatal, natal and post natal period. I work with infertility problems, birth trauma and of course hypnobirthing. 

Thanks to hypnosis we can access our own source of unlimited life flow and healing coming from our subconsciouness. We can transform our blocks and let our subconscious work for us, rather than let our descructive programmes rule our lifes. Transform all blocks, fears and anxieties them and life full potential and also birth better. 

I see you, I am a woman , a mother , just like you. I wish you empowering, calm and transformative childbirth.
Take this experience as an opportunity to rise and grow. And hypnobirthing is definitely a great tool to help you effectively.

my qualifications and courses:

2018 – Warsaw – regression hypnosis

2018 – Glasgow –  KG Hypnobirthing diploma

2018 – Glasgow – London College of Clinical Hypnosis certificate 


2018 – breakfast tv interview

2019 – Edinburgh – Birth Trauma Recovery –  3 step rewind practitioner 

2020 – Plock – doula certificate

2021 – Quaternity Institute – yoga instructor