for English-speaking parents in Poland

In our global village world there are more and more couples living on emigration. It is more popular to encounter couples where dad is from one coutry, mum from another and they are sometimes even living in totally other country than they were born . I am also a child of parents from different countries – my mum is from Poland and my father was from Cuba.

I have also experienced emmigration – I used to live in UK (Glasgow, Scotland), for 7 years, where actually my second daughter was born and where I did my courses for hypnobirthing teacher and hypnotherapist. As I already knew that holistic , conscious preparing for childbirth matters, I hired a Scottish doula for my childbirth in 2014 (during my first pregnancy, in 2011 in Warsaw, I also had regular contact with a doula, and I knew it changed my persperctive on birth as well as experience of childbirth itself).

Therefore I would like to offer my service – holistic preparing for childbirth for English speaking mums expecting a childbirth in Poland, to make your experience more whole, more calm, more conscious and transfroming and empowering you in many ways.

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